Belchen, Foto: Wolfgang Doetter Blick vom Haus Sonne aus, Foto: Christian Leppert Blick von der Stuhlsebene zum Köhlgarten über das Nebelmeer im Böllener Tal, Foto: Christian Leppert


Maßgeschneiderte Vorschläge für Ihre Touren und Exkursionen, mehr dazu ...

Foto: Wanderer am Belchen zur Sommersonnenwende, © Wolfgang Dötter

Seminare & Vorträge

QiGong, Aquarellmalen, Gespräche, Vorträge zu Kultur, Geologie, Ökologie, mehr dazu ...

Foto: Blick von der Terrasse, © Christian Leppert

Urlaub & Gesundheit

Die Naturheilpraxis im Haus Sonne: HNC, Dorn, Klinghardt, Zilgrei, mehr dazu ...

Foto: Blick von der Stuhlsebene über das Nebelmeer im Böllener Tal, © C. Leppert

Haus Sonne - vegetarian accommodation in the Black Forest

The House

Haus Sonne is constructed in the traditional Black Forest style and all modern-day improvements have been made in an environmentally responsible manner. The abundant use of natural wood, and small touches like the tiled fireplace, give a warm and cozy feel. The central heating is fueled by wood, and a solar system produces hot water and electricity. All of the furniture is made from natural wood.

The Environment

At over one thousand meters high, yet in a protected hollow, Haus Sonne provides incredible views and over 1,600 hours of sunshine a year. The surrounding countryside offers peace and quiet in unspoiled nature, easily reached by one of the many hiking trails through forests, meadows and along tiny creeks.

The Kitchen:

The meals are vegetarian, and all of the ingredients are organic and carefully chosen. There is a bountiful breakfast buffet (including homemade bread); soup, sandwiches are available for lunch (has to be paid extra); and a delicious hot meal, with salads, is served for dinner.

Also Available

Besides recreation and rest, opportunities for dialogue arise spontaneously. Guests are invited to inquire into basic questions of life in an open manner and without prepared or fixed answers. Practical experimenting with alternatives to rigid thinking and behavioural patterns is the focus. On request, presentation evenings and seminars can be arranged on topics such as ecology, naturopathy and cultural history. Naturopathic consultation – such as spine therapy, homeopathy, Bowtech and Zilgrei – is also available. Haus Sonne has a good library with many books on philosophy, ecology, health and nutrition.


Prices include Breakfast and Dinner, and are per person.

Double room with balcony, and ensuite shower and toilet € 83.00
Double room with ensuite shower and toilet € 80.00
Double room with sink € 69.00
Single room with ensuite shower and toilet€ 86.00
Single room with sink € 69.00

For bookings of only one night, a supplement of € 10.00 per guest will be charged.

For bookings of two nights only, a supplement of € 3.00 per guest will be charged.

For general information:

Registration form (in German) ...

Haus Sonne
E. Wollweber und Ch. Leppert
79677 Aitern-Multen
Fax: [49] 321-21258544


Haus Sonne can be reached easily using public transportation:

Distances from the bus stop:

By car: If you have no GPS, please telephone us for directions: [49] 7673 74 92

Haus Sonne im Sommer
The house in summer
Haus Sonne im Winter
The house in winter
Haus Sonne im Sommer
The meals are vegetarian